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G. faiglim adj. “having long hair” (Category: Hair)

⚠️G. faiglim, adj. “having long hair” (Category: Hair)
S. finnel “head of hair, fax, mass of long hair; having fine or beautiful hair; ⚠️[N.] (braided) hair; [G.] tress”

A word in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “having long hair”, an adjectival form of G. faigli “hair” (GL/33). Tolkien said it was used especially as a proper name, Faiglim, for the Sun at Noon.

References ✧ GL/33; LT2A/Faiglindra



faigli “hair, long tresses” ✧ GL/33; LT2A/Faiglindra

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