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S. lithui adj. “ashen, ashy, of ash, ash-coloured, dusty” (Category: Ashes)

S. lithui, adj. “ashen, ashy, of ash, ash-coloured, dusty” (Category: Ashes)

The adjective form of lith “ash”, variously glossed as “ashy” (RGEO/66), “ashen” (RC/765), “of ash” or more exactly “ashen, ash-coloured, ashy, dusty” (VT42/10), most notably used in the name Ered Lithui “Ashen Mountains”.

Conceptual Development: The name N. Ered Lithui was already translated “Ash Mts [Mountains]” when it first appeared on early maps for The Lord of the Rings (TI/305).

References ✧ PE17/87, 173; RC/765; RGEO/66; SA/lith; VT42/10



lith “ash” ✧ RC/765; SA/lith
-ui “-ful, having quality, adjective suffix; possibility, suitability [as verbal suffix], *-able” ✧ PE17/87; PE17/173; RC/765; RGEO/66; VT42/10

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N. lithui adj. “ash[en]” (Category: Ashes)


lith “sand”
#-ui “adjective suffix”

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