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S. gaearon n. “ocean, (lit.) great sea” (Category: Sea)

S. gaearon, n. “ocean, (lit.) great sea” (Category: Sea)

A word for “ocean” (PE17/27), “great sea” (PM/363) or “great ocean” (RGEO/64) variously attested as gae(a)ron (PE17/027; PE17/149; PM/363) or aearon (RGEO/65), and a combination of gaear or aear “sea” with the augmentative suffix -on (PE17/27, RGEO/65). Since I prefer gaear for sea; I also prefer gaearon or gaeron for “ocean”. Of these, I think gaeron is the ordinary form, and gaearon is more archaic or poetic.

References ✧ LotR/238; PE17/27, 149; PM/348, 363; RGEO/63-65




Aearon soft-mutation; g-mutation “sea” ✧ PM/348
aearon soft-mutation; g-mutation   ✧ LotR/238
aearon soft-mutation; g-mutation “the wide and sundering Sea” ✧ RGEO/63
aearon soft-mutation; g-mutation “the Great Ocean” ✧ RGEO/64


gaear “sea” ✧ PE17/27; PE17/149 (gaer); PM/363; RGEO/65 (aear)
-on² “augmentative suffix”

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