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ᴺS. [Ilk.] dim n. “gloom, sadness” (Category: Sad)

ᴺS. [Ilk.] dim, n. “gloom, sadness” (Category: Sad)
G. glumri “moroseness, sadness”


Ilk. dim n. “gloom, sadness” (Category: Sad)

A noun meaning “gloom, sadness” from the primitive form ᴹ✶dimbē (Ety/DEM).

Conceptual Development: The root of this word in The Etymologies was first written ᴹ√DIM, rejected and replaced by ᴹ√DEM (EtyAC/DEM). As pointed out by Helge Fauskanger, the primitive forms could only be derived from the root ᴹ√DIM (AL-Ilkorin/dem), so it seems that Tolkien did not carry through with the revision of ᴹ√DIM >> ᴹ√DEM.

In an earlier version of the entry, there is a primitive form ᴹ✶dembē > Ilk. dim, so perhaps Tolkien was considering an alternate phonetic development, a parallel for [mb] to the rule that [e], [o] became [i], [u] before [nn], [nd], [ŋg]. Maybe Tolkien rejected this rule for [mb] and reverted back to the root form ᴹ√DIM, but neglected to revert the root in the entry itself.

References ✧ Ety/DEM; EtyAC/DEM



Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶dimbē > dim [dimbē] > [dimbe] > [dimb] > [dim] ✧ Ety/DEM
ᴹ✶dembē > dim [dembē] > [dembe] > [dimbe] > [dimb] > [dim] ✧ EtyAC/DEM