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ᴺS. !lostad n. “blooming, florescence” (Category: Bloom)

ᴺS. !lostad, n. “blooming, florescence” (Category: Bloom)
See G. luis for discussion.


^losta-¹ “to bloom, blossom”

G. luis n. “florescence, blooming” (Category: Bloom)

A noun in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “florescence, blooming” (GL/54-55), probably related to G. luitha- “bloom, blossom” and derived from the early root ᴱ√LO’O [loχo] (GL/52; QL/55).

Neo-Sindarin: I would update this word to ᴺS. lostad “blooming, florescence”, the gerund of the neologism ᴺS. losta- “to bloom, blossom”.

References ✧ GL/54-55