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N. uluithiad adj. “unquenchable” (Category: to Drink)

N. uluithiad, adj. “unquenchable” (Category: to Drink)

An adjective for “unquenchable” appearing in Lord of the Rings drafts of the 1940s in the name Harthad Uluithiad “Hope Unquenchable” (SD/62). Patrick Wynne suggested it might be related to Q. luita- “flood, drench” and the root √LUY (VT48/31).

Reference ✧ SD/62 ✧ Uluithiad “unquenchable”



ú- “un, bad-”
#luithia- “to quench” ✧ SD/62 (#luithia-)
S. #-ed¹ “gerund”