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G. gogail n. “mouth” (Category: Mouth)

⚠️G. gogail, n. “mouth” (Category: Mouth)
ᴺS. !gobem “mouth”

A noun appearing as G. gogel “mouth” in The Gnomish Grammar (GG/8) and as {gogel >} gogíl or gogail “mouth” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/40). In the latter document, Tolkien said it was a combination of G. go- “together” and G. cail “lip”, from more archaic forms gwa-caíl, gwa-cil. An unrelated word G. mem “mouth” also appeared in Gnomish Lexicon (GL/57), perhaps related to G. beg “chin” which Tolkien connected to ᴱQ. “(closed) mouth” = “the two lips” (GL/57; QL/72).

Neo-Sindarin: I’ve used these Gnomish words as the inspiration for a neologism ᴺS. gobem “mouth”, based on the (neologism) ᴺS. pemp “lip”, where the reduction of -mp to -m finally is an irregular assimilation to the preceding voiced b: -mp > -mb > -m.

References ✧ GG/8; GL/24, 40





i·ngogel soft-mutation; ng-mutation ✧ GG/8


gwa- “together, in one; with”
cail “lip” soft-mutation ✧ GL/24
go-¹ “together, in one; with” ✧ GL/40