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S. torech n. “lair, (secret) hole, excavation” (Category: Home)

S. torech, n. “lair, (secret) hole, excavation” (Category: Home)

A word for “lair” as in Torech Ungol “Shelob’s Lair”, though this may be a loose translation. In Tolkien’s Unfinished Index to The Lord of the Rings of 1954-55, he translated torech as “hole, excavation” and Torech Ungol as “Tunnel of the Spider” (RC/490). In etymological notes from around 1964 (DD) Tolkien said it meant “secret hole, lair”, a combination of the root √TOR “secrete, hide” and primitive ✶ekka “hole” (PE17/188).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, the form was N. terch, glossed either “lair” or “hole” (WR/202).

References ✧ PE17/89, 188; RC/490



TOR “secrete, hide” ✧ PE17/188
ekka “hole” ✧ PE17/188

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N. terch n. “lair, hole” (Category: Home)

See S. torech for discussion.

Reference ✧ WR/202 ✧ Terch “lair”

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