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S. #fir- v. “to fade, *die” (Category: to Die; Dead; Death)

S. #fir-, v. “to fade, *die” (Category: to Die; Dead; Death)
ᴱN. gurdh- “to die”
G. gor-² “to die”

A verb for “to fade” implied by the noun firith “fading”, a period of the year in late autumn (LotR/1107). It also appears to mean “die” given related words fíreb “mortal” (WJ/387) and firin or firen “mortal, dying” (PE17/101). Its ancient root √PHIR had nothing to do with death, so these meanings were probably borrowed from Quenya; see Q. fir- “to die” and Q. fírië “death” for discussion. As such, the Sindarin verb fir- probably applied only to the natural death of mortals, also used metaphorically when applied to inanimate things to mean “fade”. The pre-Quenya verb for “to die” seems to be [N.] gwanna- “to die, (lit.) depart”; see that entry for discussion.

Reference ✧ LotR/1107 ✧ “fade”

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