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Q. fir- v. (basic-verb) “to die, fade, †expire, breathe forth” (Category: to Die; Dead; Death)

Q. fir-, v. (basic-verb) “to die, fade, †expire, breathe forth” (Category: to Die; Dead; Death)

A verb for “to die”, originally meaning “breathe forth, expire” (MR/250). Tolkien also translated it as “die, fade” in notes for the Markirya poem of the 1960s (MC/223). The use of this verb for death was connected to the passing of Míriel and was thus used only for a natural or peaceful death (MR/250); for discussion see the noun form fírië “death”. More unpleasant forms of death would instead use the verb Q. qual-. Based on the glosses from the Markirya poem, it seems this verb may also be applied metaphorically to non-living things that “fade (away)”, as in its more elaborate form fifíru- “to slowly fade away” (MC/222-223).

References ✧ MC/223; MR/250, 470; VT43/34




fírë aorist “expire” ✧ MR/250
firuvamme future 1st-pl-exclusive “*we will die” ✧ VT43/34
fírë infinitive “to sigh, breathe forth, ‘expire’” ✧ MR/470
fírië perfect; augmentless “she hath breathed forth” ✧ MR/250
fírië perfect; augmentless “has breathed forth” ✧ MR/470

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ᴹQ. *fir- v. “*to fade” (Category: to Fade)

See Q. fírima for discussion.

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