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ᴺS. [N.] ^medlin adj. “*bear-like” (Category: Bear)

ᴺS. [N.] ^medlin, adj. “*bear-like” [vetted by HSD] (Category: Bear)
See N. meglin for discussion.

N. meglin adj. “*bear-like” (Category: Bear)

An adjective form meglin of megli “bear” appearing in The Etymologies of the 1930s (Ety/LIS).

Neo-Sindarin: The sound change dl > gl was not a feature of Sindarin, so most Neo-Sindarin writers adapt this word as ᴺS. medlin “bear-like”, as suggested in Hiswelókë’s Sindarin Dictionary (HSD).

Reference ✧ Ety/LIS


megli “bear, (lit.) honey-eater” ✧ Ety/LIS
#-en “adjective suffix” ✧ Ety/LIS (#-in)

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