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ᴺS. !haena- v. “to leave, depart, (lit.) be(come) distant” (Category: to Depart, Go Away)

ᴺS. !haena-, v. “to leave, depart, (lit.) be(come) distant” [created by Elaran] (Category: to Depart, Go Away)

A neologism for “leave, depart” coined by Elaran on 2023-07-02 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS), derived from *khay-nā and thus a verbal variant of hae “far”, originally “become distant”. Elaran proposed this verb to replace gwae- “to depart” for those who think that Tolkien discarded this irregular verb in his later notes. I prefer to retain gwae-, but I think it can coexist with haena- as an easier-to-conjugate alternative.