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ᴺS. !milt n. “semen” (Category: Testicle)

ᴺS. !milt, n. “semen” (Category: Testicle)
See G. gwaith² for discussion.


G. gwaith² (gwaith-) n. “semen” (Category: Testicle)

A noun appearing as G. gwaith⁽²⁾ “semen” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/44), likely related to G. gweg “man”. It was followed by -th- in parenthesis, perhaps indicating this was its primitive ending, as opposed gwaith⁽¹⁾ “people” which was a plural form of G. gweg “man”.

Neo-Sindarin: In Tolkien’s later writings S. gwaith usually meant “people” and S. gwê meant “living creature” rather than “man”, so I would coin a neologism ᴺS. milt “semen” as a cognate of ᴺQ. miltë, inspired by ᴱQ. milt (QL/61).

Reference ✧ GL/44 ✧ “semen”