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S. Onod n. “Ent” (Category: Vegetation (other))

S. Onod, n. “Ent” (Category: Vegetation (other))

References ✧ Let/178, 224; LotR/1130; LotRI/Ents, Onodrim; PE17/83; RC/757; UT/318; UTI/Enyd, Onodrim




Onod-rim class-plural “Ents” ✧ Let/178
Onodrim class-plural “Ents” ✧ LotR/1130; LotRI/Ents; LotRI/Onodrim; RC/757; UTI/Onodrim
Onodrim class-plural “Ent-folk” ✧ PE17/83; UT/318
Onodrim class-plural   ✧ UTI/Enyd
onodrim class-plural   ✧ Let/224: the general plural
Enyd plural “Ents” ✧ LotR/1130; LotRI/Ents; UTI/Enyd
ened plural   ✧ Let/224: might be a form used in Gondor
enyd plural   ✧ Let/224; PE17/83

Element In

N. *Ogod n. “Ent” (Category: Vegetation (other))

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