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G. niogrim n. “swarm” (Category: Bee)

⚠️G. niogrim, n. “swarm” (Category: Bee)
ᴺS. ^niwrim “swarm”

A word appearing as niogrim or nigrim “smarm” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, a collective form of G. nio “bee” with a suffix G. grim “host” (GL/60). It is not clear why the suffix did not become -rim as in other collective words.

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin I would adapt this words as ᴺS. niwrim “swarm”, a class plural of ᴺS. nîw “bee”.

References ✧ GL/60




nio(s) “bee”
grim “host, folk”