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S. Rodon n. “Vala”

S. Rodon, n. “Vala”

A Sindarin term for the Vala (PE17/33), appearing in its plural form S. Rodyn as one of the days of the week (LotR/1110) and also in the Sindarin name for Valinor: Dor-Rodyn (MR/200). It is derived from the prefixal form rod- of raud¹ “noble” (PE17/118, 186). Its final element might be the augmentative suffix -on², perhaps literally meaning “*Most Noble”. It could also be the agental suffix -on¹, as suggested by David Salo (GS/283), but that suffix is usually masculine (WJ/400), whereas Rodon seems to apply to all Valar.

References ✧ MR/200; PE17/33, 118, 186





Rodyn plural ✧ MR/200; PE17/33; PE17/118; PE17/186


raud¹ “noble, eminent; lofty, high, tall; excellent” ✧ PE17/118; PE17/186
-on²? “augmentative suffix”

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