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S. ach¹ n. “neck” (Category: Neck)

S. ach¹, n. “neck, *(upper) spine” (Category: Neck)
ᴺS. !ach “bone”
G. gath¹ “neck”

A word for “neck” appearing in notes written around 1967, derived from primitive aks based on the root √AKAS “neck, ridge” (PE17/92), where the ks became ch (IPA [x]). Tolkien specified that it was “referring properly only to the vertebrae (the bony part of the neck not including throat)”, so a more accurate translation might be “*(upper) spine”. A more ordinary word for “neck” as a passage from mouth to the stomach and lungs would be lang.

Reference ✧ PE17/92 ✧ ach “neck”


Element In



Phonetic Developments

AKAS > aks > ach [akse] > [axxe] > [axx] > [ax] ✧ PE17/92