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ᴺS. !merifind adj. “Black-haired” (Category: Hair (other))

ᴺS. !merifind, adj. “Black-haired” [created by Fiona Jallings, FJNS] (Category: Hair (other))

A neologism for “black-haired” coined by Fiona Jallings, a combination of ✶mori “black” and S. find “hair”, where the e is the result of ancient i-affection. Compare this with the similarly derived [N.] merilin(n) “nightingale, *(orig.) dark singer” (Ety/TIN). Likely in modern Sindarin this form would become merifin(n) since final nd became nn in polysyllables.


mori “black”
S. find “tress; single hair”