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G. engriol adj. “vale like, of the vale” (Category: Dale, Valley)

⚠️G. engriol, adj. “vale like, of the vale” (Category: Dale, Valley)
ᴺS. !imladren “vale like, of the vale”

A word in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “vale like, of the vale”, an adjectival form of G. enga “plain, vale” (GL/32). It also appeared in the Name-list to The Fall of Gondolin from the same period, where it was described as “that which liveth or dwelleth therein” referring to dwelling in an eng = “plain or vale” (PE15/24).

References ✧ GL/32; LT2A/Lósengriol; PE15/24



eng(a) “plain, vale” ✧ GL/32 (enga); LT2A/Lósengriol (Eng)
#-r(i)ol “adjective suffix” ✧ GL/32 (#-riol)

Element In