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ᴱN. rhang- v. “to slay in battle” (Category: to Kill)

⚠️ᴱN. rhang-, v. “to slay in battle” (Category: to Kill)
S. #dag- “to slay, [ᴱN.] kill”

A verb in the Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s whose infinitive form rhengi was glossed “to slay in battle”; it was related to ᴱN. rhanc “corpse” (PE13/152).

References ✧ PE13/152



rheing infinitive   ✧ PE13/152: inf.
rhengi infinitive “to slay in battle” ✧ PE13/152
rhaith past   ✧ PE13/152
rhegint past   ✧ PE13/152
rhing past   ✧ PE13/152
rheigin past plural   ✧ PE13/152
rhang present   ✧ PE13/152; PE13/152
rhangod present   ✧ PE13/152: masc.
rheng present   ✧ PE13/152