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N. meglivorn n. “blackbear” (Category: Bear)

⚠️N. meglivorn, n. “blackbear” (Category: Bear)
ᴺS. ^medlivorn “blackbear”

A word (and name) appearing as N. meglivorn “blackbear” in The Etymologies of the 1930s, a combination of N. megli “bear” and N. morn “black” (Ety/LIS, MOR). Tolkien considered but rejected the form mormagli (EtyAC/LIS, MOR). The name Meglivorn also appeared in notes on The Feanorian Alphabet from the 1930s (PE22/33).

Neo-Sindarin: The sound change dl > gl was not a feature of Sindarin, so most Neo-Sindarin writers adapt this word as ᴺS. medlivorn “blackbear”, as suggested in Hiswelókë’s Sindarin Dictionary (HSD).

References ✧ Ety/LIS, MOR; EtyAC/LIS, MAT, MOR; PE22/33-34, 41





megli “bear, (lit.) honey-eater” ✧ Ety/LIS; EtyAC/LIS (magli); EtyAC/MAT (magli); EtyAC/MAT (magli)
morn “black” soft-mutation ✧ Ety/MOR; EtyAC/LIS (morn); EtyAC/MAT (morn); EtyAC/MAT (morn)
ᴹ√MAT “eat” ✧ Ety/MOR
ᴹ√LIS “honey” ✧ Ety/MOR