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ᴺS. !lurlos n. “poppy, (lit.) flower of sleep” (Category: Flower (other))

ᴺS. !lurlos, n. “poppy, (lit.) flower of sleep” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Flower (other))
See G. hum(i)los for discussion.


^lûr “sleep, slumber”
S. loth “flower, single blossom; inflorescence, head of small flowers”


G. hum(i)los n. “(red) poppy” (Category: Flower (other))

A noun appearing as G. humilos or humlos “poppy” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, apparently a combination of G. hûm “sleep” and G. lôs (GL/49); compare to ᴱQ. fúmelot, its likely Early Qenya cognate (QL/39). It was followed by an archaic form †humethla, probably cognate to the other Early Qenya “poppy” word: ᴱQ. fumella (GL/49; QL/39). In other notes in the period, Tolkien had G. humethla and humloth as cognates to ᴱQ. fumella, which Tolkien described as “the red poppy that grew in hosts in Lorien’s gardens” (PE15/14).

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin, I would update this word to ᴺS. lurlos “poppy, (lit.) flower of sleep” using the element [ᴺS.] lûr “sleep” which is better supported by Tolkien’s later writings. For -los as a flower suffix in later words, compare to S. Edhellos “Elven-flower” and S. mallos “golden flower”.

References ✧ GL/49; PE15/14




hûm “sleep, slumber” ✧ GL/49
lôs “flower”