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S. gordh¹ adj. “difficult, laborious” (Category: Difficult)

S. gordh¹, adj. “difficult, laborious” (Category: Difficult)

An adjective glossed “difficult, laborious” in Definitive Linguistic Notes (DLN) from 1959 derived from the root √GUR of similar meaning (PE17/154). Tolkien indicated it was used mainly “in a very strong sense of things very painful and horrible to do”; see the entry on its prefixal form gor- for discussion. A more ordinary adjective for “hard, difficult” was dîr.

Reference ✧ PE17/154 ✧ gorð “difficult, laborious”



Phonetic Developments

GUR > gorð [gurdā] > [gurda] > [gurða] > [gorða] > [gorð] ✧ PE17/154