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ᴺS. !rhufaug adj. “drunken” (Category: Drunk)

ᴺS. !rhufaug, adj. “drunken” (Category: Drunk)
See ᴱN. balfaug for discussion.


S. rhu- “evil-”
N. faug “thirsty”

ᴱN. balfaug adj. “drunken” (Category: Drunk)

A word appearing as ᴱN. balfaug “drunken” in Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s, a combination of ᴱN. bal- “evil” and ᴱN. faug “thirsty” (PE13/138).

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin, I would update this word to ᴺS. rhufaug “drunken” using the later prefix rhu- for “evil”.

Reference ✧ PE13/138 ✧ “drunken”


bal- “evil-” ✧ PE13/138
faug “thirsty” ✧ PE13/138 (#faug)