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S. esbin n. “thin thread, tress” (Category: Thread)

S. esbin, n. “thin thread, ⚠️tress” (Category: Thread)

A word for “thin thread” derived from the root √SPIN- in notes from the mid-1960s (PE17/17). In Notes on Names (NN) from 1957 this word was glossed “a tress” (PE17/119), but for purposes of Neo-Sindarin I’d stick to the “thread” meaning.

References ✧ PE17/17, 119




Phonetic Developments

spini- > esbin [ṣpini] > [ṣpine] > [espine] > [espin] > [esbin] ✧ PE17/17
SPIN-ID > esbin [ṣpini] > [ṣpine] > [espine] > [espin] > [esbin] ✧ PE17/119