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G. mîr n. “wine” (Category: Wine)

⚠️G. mîr, n. “wine” (Category: Wine)
ᴺS. ^miru “wine”
S. mîr “jewel, precious thing, treasure”

The words for “wine” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s were (archaic) G. †mîr¹ and (ordinary) G. miros (GL/57), both related to ᴱQ. miru “wine” from the contemporaneous Qenya Lexicon (QL/61).

Neo-Sindarin: In Tolkien’s later writing, S. mîr was “jewel” and S. miruvor was a loan word from Q. miruvórë, where the initial element was based on Val. mirub “wine” (PE17/37-38; WJ/399). As such I use ᴺQ. miru for “wine”, and I would also used ᴺS. miru for “wine” as another loan word from Quenya and an element in S. miruvor. This assumes both “wine” (from grapes) and miruvor were drinks introduced by the Noldor.

References ✧ GL/57; LT1A/Miruvor


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