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S. Adan n. “Man (as a species)” (Category: Human Being)

S. Adan, n. “Man (as a species)” (Category: Human Being)

The usual Sindarin word for “Man” as a species, borrowed from Q. Atan after the Sindar first encountered the men of the west (PE17/18). It often appeared in its plural form Edain “Men” (LotR/1061; PE17/117; WJ/219). Like in Quenya, this word was biased towards considering the houses of the Elf-friends and their descendants as the “true Men”, but the proper term for such men was a Dúnadan “Man of the West”, and strictly speaking Adan applied to all kinds of Men, such as the Rhúnedain “*Easterlings” (PE17/18) or the Drúedain “Woses” (UT/385). Unlike English, this word has no association with the male gender, and originally meant “the Second”, referring to Men as the second-born children of Eru. For a further discussion of its conceptual development, see the entry for Q. Atan “Man”.

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Adanath class-plural   ✧ MR/373
Edain plural “fathers of men” ✧ Let/282
Edain plural   ✧ LotR/1034; LotRI/Atani; LotRI/Edain; LRI/Atani; LRI/Edain; LT1I/Edain; LT2I/Edain; MRI/Edain; PMI/Edain; RGEO/66; SA/adan; SI/Edain; SMI/Edain; UTI/Atani; UTI/Edain; WJ/387; WJI/Adan; WJI/Atani; WJI/Edain; WRI/Edain
Edain plural “[to the] Dúnedain” ✧ LotR/1061
Edain plural “Fathers of Men” ✧ LotR/1128
N. Edain plural “Western Men, Fathers of Men” ✧ MR/7
Edain plural “the Second (kindred); men” ✧ PE17/89
Edain plural “to Men” ✧ PE17/117
Edain plural “The Second People, Men” ✧ SI/Atani
Edain plural “Men” ✧ WJ/219
edain plural   ✧ PE17/127
edain plural “*men” ✧ VT50/14; VT50/18

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Phonetic Developments

Q. Atan > Adan [atan] > [adan] ✧ WJ/387
Q. Atan > Edain [atani] > [edeni] > [edein] > [edain] ✧ WJ/387