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ᴺS. !sûf n. “bosom” (Category: Breast of Woman)

⚠️ᴺS. !sûf, n. “bosom” [created by Ryszard Derdzinski, PPW] (Category: Breast of Woman)
ᴺS. ammos “*breast, chest; ⚠️breastplate”

A neologism for “bosom” coined by Ryszard Derdzinski in Parf Pith ’Wain (PPW) from the early 2000s, based on Q. súma “hollow cavity, bosom”. Unfortunately, in Sindarin phonology the final f [v] would vanish after ú, resulting in . I recommend using ᴺS. tith “breast, teat” instead, adopted from Early Noldorin (PE13/154).