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ᴺS. !lîdh n. “journey” (Category: to Go)

ᴺS. !lîdh, n. “journey” [created by Elaran] (Category: to Go)
From *lēde < √LED “go, proceed”, see also N. ledh- “to go”. Noun forms with long vowels that correspond to basic verbs with short vowels are fairly common in Sindarin, for example: N. mîl n. “love” vs. S. mel- v. “to love”; N. glîr n. “song” vs. N. glir- “to sing”. A direct cognate of Q. lenda “journey” would be ᴺS. lend or lenn, but the form ᴺS. lend already exists as an adjective for “tuneful, sweet”.