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Q. lenda n. “journey” (Category: to Go)

Q. lenda, n. “journey, *travel, trip” (Category: to Go)
@@@ extended meaning from NQ-Wiki

Reference ✧ PE17/60 ✧ “journey”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

LEN > lenda [lenda] ✧ PE17/60

ᴹQ. lesto (lestu-) n. “journey” (Category: to Go)

References ✧ PE21/12


lesto accusative   ✧ PE21/12
lestua accusative   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]uï accusative plural   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]uen dative   ✧ PE21/12
lestuen dative   ✧ PE21/12
lestur dative   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]uïr dative plural   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]uo genitive   ✧ PE21/12
lestuo genitive   ✧ PE21/12; PE21/12
[lest]uion genitive plural   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]u͡inen instrumental plural   ✧ PE21/12
lesto nominative   ✧ PE21/12
lestun nominative   ✧ PE21/12
lestoin nominative plural   ✧ PE21/12
lestuïn nominative plural   ✧ PE21/12
[lest]u͡ika partitive-plural   ✧ PE21/12
lestoli plural   ✧ PE21/12
lestuli plural   ✧ PE21/12
lestua possessive   ✧ PE21/12
lestuva possessive   ✧ PE21/12
lestu̯ǝ stem “journey” ✧ PE21/12