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N. sarnas n. “cairn” (Category: Grave, Tomb)

N. sarnas, n. “cairn” (Category: Grave, Tomb)

A noun for “cairn” (a memorial made of a pile of stones) inx the name N. Sarnas Fingolfin “Cairn of Fingolfin” from a list of names associated with Silmarillion drafts of the 1930s (LR/406). It is an elaboration of N. sarn “stone”.

Conceptual Development: An earlier word G. dal “cairn” appeared in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s near the words G. dalech “(upright) stone” and G. daltha- “to erect, set up” (GL/29), so perhaps based on ᴱ√TALA (or *DALA) “support” (QL/88).

Reference ✧ LR/406 ✧ Sarnas “cairn”


sarn “stone as a material”
#-as “abstract noun”

Element In

G. dal n. “cairn” (Category: Grave, Tomb)

See N. sarnas for discussion.

Reference ✧ GL/29 ✧ “cairn”

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