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S. graw n. “bear” (Category: Bear)

⚠️S. graw, n. “bear” (Category: Bear)
N. brôg “bear”

A Sindarin word for “bear” in notes from the late 1960s, derived from primitive ✶grā (VT47/12).

Neo-Sindarin: Its Quenya cognate Q. roa had the revised meaning {“bear” >>} “dog”, so for purposes of Neo-Sindarin it is probably best to stick with [N.] brôg and ᴺS. medli [N. megli] as words for “bear”.

Reference ✧ VT47/12 ✧ “bear”


Phonetic Developments

grā > graw [grā] > [grǭ] > [grau] ✧ VT47/12