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S. cýron n. “new-moon” (Category: Moon)

S. cýron, n. “new-moon” (Category: Moon)

A word appearing in notes from the late 1960s glossed “new-moon” and derived from primitive ✶keu̯rānā (VT48/7), where the ancient diphthong eu became ȳ in the initial syllable, while in the final syllable first ā became au and then au become o as usual in polysyllables, the last development made clear by the archaic form †cýrawn. As such, this word is basically a combination of S. cýr “renewed” and the suffixal form -ron of S. Raun “Moon”.

Reference ✧ VT48/7 ✧ “new-moon”


cŷr “renewed” ✧ VT48/7 (cýr)
#Raun “Moon” ✧ VT48/7 (#rawn)



Phonetic Developments

keu̯rānă > cýrawn > cýron [keurānā] > [keurāna] > [kiurāna] > [kiurǭna] > [kȳrǭna] > [kȳrauna] > [kȳraun] > [kȳron] ✧ VT48/7