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S. tho- v. “*will be” (Category: Be)

S. tho-, v. “*will be” (Category: Be)

A possible future form “*will be” appearing in the so-called “Túrin Wrapper” from the late 1950s for the verb na- “is”; see that entry for discussion.

Conceptual Development: There was a similar verb ᴱN. tha- “to make, cause to be” in Early Noldorin Word-lists derived from primitive ᴱ✶s’ta- (PE13/153). The later verb[?] tho- “will be” could be related, but was more likely inspired by the Sindarin future suffix -ath, which was based on primitive ✶thā “then, next” in notes from the late 1940s and early 1950s (PE22/97, 131). In Sindarin phonetic development, *thā would become tho in an unstressed position; compare imperative no “be!” (VT44/24) clearly derived from primitive ✶.

References ✧ VT50/23


thor plural “*will be” ✧ VT50/23

Element In


ᴱN. tha- v. “to make, cause to be” (Category: to Do, Make)

See S. tho- for discussion.

References ✧ PE13/128, 153





thau infinitive ✧ PE13/153: inf.
thā infinitive ✧ PE13/153: inf.
ast passive-participle ✧ PE13/153: pp.
thant passive-participle ✧ PE13/153: pp.
aist past ✧ PE13/153: pa.t.
astig past masc ✧ PE13/153: masc.
tha present ✧ PE13/128
tha present ✧ PE13/153: 3 sg.
thaw present ✧ PE13/153: 3 sg.
thaug present masc ✧ PE13/153: masc.
thaweg present masc ✧ PE13/153: masc.
thog present masc ✧ PE13/153: masc.

Element In