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ᴺS. !pechof n. “squirrel” (Category: Mouse, Rodent)

ᴺS. !pechof, n. “squirrel” [created by Lokyt] (Category: Mouse, Rodent)

A neologism for “squirrel” based on Q. peccuvo. The word was originally given as ᴺS. pegof by Aleksandr Zapragajev in the VinQuettaParma Wiki (VQP), but Lokyt pointed out the form should be ᴺS. pechof in a Discord chat in 2021-06-04, because kk became ch in Sindarin. Matt Dinse proposed this same variant pechof in VQP itself.


ᴺS. !pegof n. “squirrel” (Category: Mouse, Rodent)

See ᴺS. !pechof for discussion.