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G. sithagong n. “dragonfly” (Category: Fly (n))

⚠️G. sithagong, n. “dragonfly” (Category: Fly (n))
ᴺS. !budhulug “dragonfly”

A word for “dragonfly” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, a combination of G. sitha “fly” and gong a word for “goblin” (GL/41, 68). Tolkien said that the g survived in the compound because it was a new compound, indicating that soft mutation only applied to ancient compounds in Gnomish.

References ✧ GL/41, 68; LT1A/Gong



Gong “one of a tribe of the orcs, a goblin” ✧ GL/41; LT1A/Gong
sitha¹ “fly” ✧ GL/68; LT1A/Gong