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S. fanui adj. “cloudy, (lit.) having much cloud” (Category: Cloud, Mirk)

S. fanui, adj. “cloudy, (lit.) having much cloud” (Category: Cloud, Mirk)

A word for “cloudy”, adjectival form of fân “cloud”, an element the name S. Fanuidhol “Cloudyhead” (PE17/26, 36, 173; RC/268; RGEO/66). In one place Tolkien translated fanui as “cloudy, having much cloud” (PE17/173).

Conceptual Development: The initial name of the mountain Fanuidhol in Lord of the Rings drafts was N. Fanuiras “Horn of Cloud” (TI/174), so it seems fanui dates back at least to the 1940s.

References ✧ PE17/26, 36, 173; RC/268; RGEO/66



fân “(white) cloud; veil, curtain; form or vision of a spiritual being; spirit [embodied]” ✧ PE17/173; RGEO/66
-ui “-ful, having quality, adjective suffix; possibility, suitability [as verbal suffix], *-able” ✧ PE17/173; RGEO/66
fain “white, shimmering, shining; white and shining [thing]; dim, dimmed; filmy, fine-woven; (vague) apparition; cloud” ✧ RC/268

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Phonetic Developments

FAN > fanui [pʰanājā] > [pʰanāja] > [ɸanāja] > [ɸanǭja] > [ɸanǭia] > [ɸanoia] > [fanoia] > [fanoi] > [fanoe] ? [fanui] ✧ PE17/26
PHAN > fanui [pʰanājā] > [pʰanāja] > [ɸanāja] > [ɸanǭja] > [ɸanǭia] > [ɸanoia] > [fanoia] > [fanoi] > [fanoe] ? [fanui] ✧ PE17/36

N. fanui adj. “cloudy” (Category: Cloud, Mirk)

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