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S. gladh- v. “to laugh” (Category: to Laugh)

S. gladh-, v. “to laugh [at a joke], *guffaw” (Category: to Laugh)
This word is not compatible with the name Lalaith “Laughter” attested in The Silmarillion. The most likely explanation of this name is that it is the unattested verb *lala- “laugh” with the abstract noun suffix -th seen in tirith “watch(ing)” and sirith “flowing”. This indicates a primitive form ✶lala- instead of ✶glada- (both primitives produce Quenya lala-). If you were to accept gladh- as the Sindarin word for “laugh”, then the word for “laughter” would perhaps be the equivalent abstract noun *gladhath, and the name Lalaith might be a mix of Quenya and Sindarin. @@@ Neo-Sindarin uses

Reference ✧ PM/359 ✧ glað-


Element In



Phonetic Developments

g-lada- > glað- [glad-] > [glað-] ✧ PM/359