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ᴺS. !pillor n. “bat (animal)” (Category: Animals (other))

ᴺS. !pillor, n. “bat (animal)” (Category: Animals (other))
See G. cwildred for discussion.



G. cwildred n. “bat (animal)” (Category: Animals (other))

A word appearing as G. cwildred “bat (animal)” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, an (agental?) elaboration of G. cwîl “quiet” (GL/28). According to the editors, the first d was circled, perhaps indicating it was optional or lost (cwilred).

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin, I would revise this word to ᴺS. pillor as an agental form of the Neo-Root ᴺ√KWILID.

Reference ✧ GL/28 ✧ “bat (animal)”


cwîl “quiet, peaceful, gentle” ✧ GL/28