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G. cwiril n. “spindle” (Category: Spindle)

⚠️G. cwiril, n. “spindle” (Category: Spindle)
ᴺS. gwiril “spindle”

A word appearing as G. cwiril “spindle” in the Gnomish Lexicon based on G. cwir- “make spin” (GL/29). Tolkien also gave G. gwiril of the same meaning, apparently based on ᴱ√GWERE “whirl, twirl, twist” (GL/46; QL/103).

Neo-Sindarin: Of these two, I prefer to use ᴺS. gwiril “spindle” because its unmodified form can be based on the later root √WIR “weave”, while cwiril would need to be updated to ᴺS. *piril. The form gwiril could be the result of ancient blending of *kwiril and *wiril.

References ✧ GL/29, 46




cwir- “to stir, stir round, make spin” ✧ GL/29
#-(r)il “feminine agent” ✧ GL/29 (#-il)