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ᴺS. [G.] ^uru n. “brazier, grate” (Category: Hearth, Fireplace)

ᴺS. [G.] ^uru, n. “brazier, grate” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Hearth, Fireplace)
See G. urm for discussion.


G. urm n. “brazier, grate” (Category: Hearth, Fireplace)

A word appearing as G. urm “a brazier, grate” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/75), likely derived from the early root ᴱ√URU having to do with fire and heat (QL/98).

Neo-Sindarin: Since √UR “be hot” survived in Tolkien’s later writings, I would retained this word for purposes of Neo-Sindarin, but adapted as ᴺS. uru “brazier, grate” with the assumption that it was derived from primitive *urumē. A direct adaption of G. urm would in Sindarin produce *orf, but that conflicts with ᴺS. orf “apple”.

References ✧ GL/69, 75