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G. nybol adj. “?snowy” (Category: Snow)

⚠️G. nybol, adj. “?snowy” (Category: Snow)
S. lossen “snowy”

A word appearing the label of a heraldic devise G. Tram Nybol from the 1910s (PE13/94). The element G. tram means “bridge” (GL/71), but the meaning of the second element is unclear. Gilson, Welden, Hostetter and Wynne suggested it might be an adjectival form of G. nib “snow” (GL/60) and thus with the sense “*snowy”, but they also noted that this meaning seems inappropriate to the situation (PE13/94).

Reference ✧ PE13/94 ✧ Nybol “?snowy”


nib “snowflake”

Element In