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ᴱN. lhuv- v. “to wash” (Category: to Wash)

⚠️ᴱN. lhuv-, v. “to wash” (Category: to Wash)
ᴺS. ^puida- “to clean, tidy, cleanse, ⚠️purify”
ᴺS. ^sov- “to wash clean, bathe”

A verb in the Early Noldorin Grammar of the 1920s glossed “wash” with various inflected forms (PE13/132). Tolkien indicated its archaic form was lub-, and its modern forms had either lhu- or lhuv-.

References ✧ PE13/132





lhovneduith ?   ✧ PE13/132
lhovnod ?   ✧ PE13/132
lhofol active-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhovol active-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhuol active-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhuaint aorist   ✧ PE13/132
lhîf aorist   ✧ PE13/132
lhîw aorist   ✧ PE13/132
lhofathol imperfect-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhovathol imperfect-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhuathol imperfect-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhui infinitive “to wash” ✧ PE13/132
lhovn passive-participle   ✧ PE13/132: participle passive
lhuant passive-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhufn passive-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhûn passive-participle   ✧ PE13/132
lhofath past   ✧ PE13/132
lhovath past   ✧ PE13/132
lhuath past   ✧ PE13/132
lhovnedethig past plural masc   ✧ PE13/132
lhú present   ✧ PE13/132
lhues present fem   ✧ PE13/132
lhufes present fem   ✧ PE13/132
lhueg present masc   ✧ PE13/132
lhuveg present masc   ✧ PE13/132
lhuir present plural   ✧ PE13/132
lhyfir/lhuir present plural   ✧ PE13/132
lhuais present plural fem   ✧ PE13/132
lhuis present plural fem   ✧ PE13/132
lhuig present plural masc   ✧ PE13/132
lhyfig/lhuig present plural masc   ✧ PE13/132
lhui subjunctive   ✧ PE13/132: subjunctive
lhuir subjunctive plural   ✧ PE13/132