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ᴱN. rhoidia- v. “to let go” (Category: to Release)

⚠️ᴱN. rhoidia-, v. “to let go” (Category: to Release)

References ✧ PE13/152


rhoid infinitive “to let go” ✧ PE13/152
rheidiain(t) past   ✧ PE13/152: past
rheidien(n)i past plural   ✧ PE13/152: past pl.
rheidia present   ✧ PE13/152: 3 sg.
rhoe(i)dia present   ✧ PE13/152: 3 sg.
rhoidia present   ✧ PE13/152: 3 sg.
rheidiog present masc   ✧ PE13/152: masc.

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