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G. glo(r)nethlin n. “meadowgold, buttercup” (Category: Flower (other))

⚠️G. glo(r)nethlin, n. “meadowgold, buttercup” (Category: Flower (other))
ᴺS. malthos “butter cup”

A noun for a “buttercup” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s with forms G. glornethlin and glonethlin, a combination of G. glôr “gold” and an adjectival form of G. nethli “meadow”, hence literally meaning “meadowgold” (GL/40).

References ✧ GL/40




glôr “gold” ✧ GL/40
nethli “long lush grass, little meadow” ✧ GL/40 (#nethlin)