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S. rhond n. “body” (Category: Body)

S. rhond, n. “body” (Category: Body)
G. cwim(ri) “body, flesh”

A Sindarin word for “body”, cognate of Q. hrondo, appearing as rhonn in Quenya Notes from 1957 (QN: PE17/183) and as rhond or rhonn in notes concerning spirit, also probably from 1957 (NM/237). In the former document, it was derived from the root √SRON, a variant of √RON “solid, tangible, firm” (PE17/183).

Neo-Sindarin: Its Quenya cognate hrondo was replaced by Q. hröa < ✶srawā in notes from 1958-59 (MR/209, 350). However, the Sindarin equivalent of hroa was rhaw, a word that also meant “flesh” along with many other (Neo) Sindarin meanings such as “wild” and “lion”. As such, I would retain rhond as “body” for purposes of Neo-Sindarin; the continued viability of the root √RON is indicated by other words like S. Grond.

References ✧ NM/237; PE17/183



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Phonetic Developments

SRON > rhond > rhonn [srondo] > [r̥ondo] > [r̥ond] > [r̥onn] ✧ PE17/183