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ᴺS. !cerf n. “knife” (Category: Knife (tool))

ᴺS. !cerf, n. “knife” [created by Vyacheslav Stepanov] (Category: Knife (tool))

A neologism for “knife” whose form was suggested by Vyacheslav Stepanov on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS) in 2023-09-03. It is a cognate of the 1969 word Q. cirma “knife” that can serve as a (possible) replacement for [N.] sigil “dagger, knife”. I personally think these words can coexist, along with S. sigil “necklace”.


KIR “cut, cleave, pass swiftly through; shave; skim (surface), slip along, glide quickly”
-mā “instrumental suffix”