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ᴺQ. !luhtya- v. “extinguish, *quench” (Category: to Light, Kindle)

ᴺQ. !luhtya-, v. “extinguish, *quench” [created by Helge Fauskanger, NQNT] (Category: to Light, Kindle)

A neologism for “extinguish” coined by Helge Fauskanger for his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT), perhaps intended to be a cognate of S. luithia- “quench”, assuming that verb was derived from primitive *luktya-; hat-tip to Vyacheslav Stepanov for this suggestion. Patrick Wynne suggested [N.] luithia- could be based on the root √DUY “flood” (VT48/31 note #7) with primitive D/L variation (VT48/22), but this derivations makes it difficult to explain the -thia ending. This verb might instead be tied to the root √LUK “drag”, based on the sense of dragging something over flames to put them out, making primitive *luktya- more plausible. However, -tya does not appear as a verb suffix in Tolkien’s later writing, though it was fairly common in Early Quenya of the 1910s.