Q. Lindarin pn. “*of the Lindar”

Q. Lindarin, pn. “*of the Lindar”

An adjective describing the third tribe of Elves, the Linda, as well as a name for their language (WJ/381), more comonly know as Telerin.

Conceptual Development: In linguistic notes from the 1930s, this referred to the language of the first tribe of Elves, consistent with the usage of ᴹQ. Linda in that period (LR/193; 18/26). Later the language of the first tribe was called Vanyarin.

References ✧ WJ/381; WJI


Linda “Singer”
#-rin “-ian, racial-adjective, language”


ᴹQ. Lindarin pn. “*of the Lindar”

See Q. Lindarin for discussion.

References ✧ LR/193; LRI; PE18/26; PMI/Lindar


Linda “Elf of Lindarin kindred” ✧ PMI/Lindar (Lindar)
#-rin “-ian, racial-adjective, language”

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