Q. Linda pn. “Singer”

Q. Linda, pn. “Singer”

The name that the Teleri used to refer to themselves, usually appearing in the plural form Lindar and glossed “The Singers” (SI/Teleri, UT/286). They were so called because in legend, they sang before they could speak with words (WJ/382). The name was derived from the root √LIN² “sing” (SA/lin, WJ/382).

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name was used for the first tribe, with the gloss “The Fair” (LR/168). It usually appeared as a collective noun, but sometimes appeared in the singular (PE22/51). In The Etymologies, it is given as ᴹQ. linda “fair, beautiful (of sound)” used as a name (Ety/LIND). In later writings, the name of the first tribe became the Vanyar, and Tolkien repurposed this name as another name of the third tribe with a slightly different derivation and meaning.

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Lindar plural “Singers” ✧ MR/349; SI/Teleri; UT/253; UT/286; UTI/Lindar
Lindar plural   ✧ MRI/Lindar; NM/347; PE18/73; SA/lin²; WJ/378; WJ/380; WJ/382; WJI/Glinnel; WJI/Lindar
Lindar plural “Teleri” ✧ PMI/Lindar

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Phonetic Developments

lin- > Lindar [lindar] ✧ SA/lin²
Lindāi > Lindar [lindar] ✧ WJ/378
lindā > Lindar [lindā] > [linda] ✧ WJ/380
Lindā > Lindar [lindā] > [linda] ✧ WJ/382

ᴹQ. Linda pn. “Elf of Lindarin kindred”

See Q. Linda for discussion.

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Lindar plural   ✧ Ety/LIND; LR/112; LR/147; LR/165; LRI/Qendi; LRI/Vanyar; MRI/Lindar; PM/62; PMI/Lindar; RSI/Lindar; SM/86; SM/168; SMI/Lindar; TII/Lindar
Lindar plural “The Fair” ✧ LR/168; LRI/Lindar
Lindar plural   ✧ MR/174
lindar plural   ✧ LR/171


linda “fair, beautiful (of sound)” ✧ Ety/LIND

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